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Accueil d’étudiants étrangers


Program overview

Our Computer Science and Statistics Department includes roughly 200 graduate students and 150 undergraduate syudents in Computer Science, Statistics, and/or Business Intelligence programs, which are graded A/A+ by the AERES. Being part of an Innstitue of Communication in a lead university in humanities, we are engaged in a broad range of interdisciplinary initiatives.

Bachelor of Science

The first two years of our BSc program is interdisciplinary, with a major in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics (L1-L2 MIASHS). Then, third-year students can specialize in Business Intelligence and Statistics (L3 MIASHS_IDS).

Master of Science

Our MSc program’s first year (M1 Informatique) is common to all specialties. Then, in second year, after a set of common courses, students can specialize either in Business Intelligence (M2 BI&BD), Statistics (M2 SISE), Security (M2 OPSIE) or Data mining (M2 DM).


Student opportunities

Student mobility

Foreign students are welcome to spend a semester or a year in our department. They can either follow a whole program, pick up some classes, or perform an internship at our partner lab: ERIC. Our privileged partners follow, but student mobility is not restricted to them.


If you have any question, about either studying in our department as a foreign student or buiding an exchange agreement (professors), please contact each head of concerned Master.

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Privileged partners


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